• CLIENTSHV Holdings
  • INDUSTRYEnergy Distribution, Cash-and-Carry Wholesale, Heavy Lifting & Transport Activities, Industrial Services, Animal Nutrition & Fish Feed
  • SERVICESCommunication & Editorial Design
For SHV I designed three projects.
The first design was a farewell book for SHV Chairman of the Executive Board Patrick J. Kennedy. This book came in a luxurious cassette with two playable music options and was inspired by the quote ‘You are some Tulip, an Irishman in a Dutch family company’.
The second design was an office wall for SHV head office in Utrecht. I used 912 historical photos for this ‘imagetelling’ wall, incorporating the SHV logo into the colours of the photos.
The third design was an ‘imagetelling’ book, celebrating the 120th anniversary of SHV in 2016. Inspired by the immense colourful photos of all SHV business units I made a colour selection. And placed them in a rainbow colour order. Using the Japanese binding method, with inside pages printed in the same colour range as the photos.
Currently I’m working on a fourth project, celebrating the 125th anniversary of SHV in 2021.